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JBL&G provides 100% free legal assistance and advice on personal injury

Welcome to personal injury office JBL&G. We offer free legal assistance and advice for your personal injury case. Are you faced with injuries caused by an accident? And is another responsible for these injuries? Then you may be entitled to compensation. Our lawyers will assist you free of charge. Combining knowledge with an expeditious nature, we will do everything to get your injuries fully reimbursed. Feel free to contact us on 020-214 99 00 to plea your case. Of course, you can also let someone else call to tell your story.

Frequently asked questions:

When should I go to a personal injury office?

  • You been in an accident and sustained injuries during this accident: injuries, pain or other physical complaints.
  • This creates additional costs or perhaps you miss out on income.

What do you do?

  • You will receive free legal assistance and advice on personal injury that very same day, and we will arrange everything for you.
  • We will guide you through the legal process step by step and take care of everything: this way you can fully focus on your recovery.
  • We make every effort to get your injuries fully reimbursed, and always aim for the highest compensation possible.

Advantages of Legal Office Personal Injury & Healthcare Law (JBL&G):

  • Our legal help is free for victims of an accident.
  • Outsourcing your case will save you a lot of time, effort and frustrations.
  • You will receive reliable and professional assistance in claiming damages.
  • You are assured that you will receive the maximum compensation for your injuries claim.
  • We always aim for the highest amount possible for your pain and suffering.
  • No strings attached or fine print.
  • Always a lawyer in your area; we work everywhere throughout the Netherlands.
  • JBL&G is one of the largest, leading personal injury offices in the Netherlands, many satisfied clients preceded you

Is it really free?

  • Yes! JBL&G is 100% free for victims of traffic accidents, dog bites and work related incidents.
  • You never get charged by JBL&G. You will receive a confirmation of this procedure in our first letter.

Can someone also come to visit me?

  • Of course. Our lawyers work throughout the county and will pay you a visit for free to discuss your injuries in your home environment.

What can I expect?

  • You will be helped quickly, professionally and effectively.
  • You will never be charged by us.
  • You will receive the maximum amount for your injury compensation claim.

Why JBL&G?

  • We are aware that many personal injury offices still earn a lot of money over the backs of the victims they represent. We find this a terrible way of working. That is why we always help victims of injury for free.
  • Because our philosophy is catching on, more and more victims of personal injury know where to find us. We also welcome an increasing number of skilled lawyers to our team, allowing JBL&G to become one of the largest and leading personal injury offices in the Netherlands!

What happens when I contact JBL&G?

  • You can reach us on 020 – 214 99 00 to discuss the matter with us.
  • A lawyer will immediately be assigned to you.
  • The opposing party will be held liable.
  • We will make a damages calculation for the claim.
  • In the early stages we will ask for an advance.
  • The advance and the final compensation will be deposited directly into your account.

Call today to receive free legal aid! 
020 – 214 99 00

Or send us an email: info@jblg.nl


De juristen van JBL&G werken altijd gratis voor slachtoffers met letsel. Hiervan ontvangt u vooraf een schriftelijke verklaring.

Bij u in de buurt

Het hoofdkantoor van JBL&G zit in Amsterdam, maar onze juristen werken door heel Nederland. Zij komen graag bij u langs.


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